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About BusyBrain, Inc. (and some internet history too!)


Tina Dougherty, Founder & CEO


BusyBrain, Inc. was founded when a young computer nerd named Tina Dougherty used her knowledge of computers and marketing to create a BBS System for a local car dealership. This was in 1989, and the BBS was a "one caller at a time" system running on a 286 computer, DOS 3.3, Opus BBS software and offering a 2400 baud dial-up connection. You could download photos of the cars on the lot... but each stamp-sized photo took almost 30 minutes to download!

Coming from a Business and Marketing background, Tina saw how computer interactivity would be the wave of the future for sales and marketing, and used her own personal BBS system to link into as many systems as possible.


By 1991, though still employed by a Fortune 500 company, Tina was running a BBS system from her home that connected to five different backbones in the BBS world. She wrote software manuals in her spare time, and beta tested numerous new shareware programs. Tina was the second female in Pennsylvania to achieve a FidoNet number assignment, and the first female to serve at NEC (Network Echomail Coordinator) in the state of Florida.


By 1995, when the former ARPAnet became the Internet, Tina was ready to expand into a world where more than one person at a time could view a page of information. She founded a company then known as "Management Resources" to create on-line marketing sites.

By 1999, when Management Resources was incorporated as BusyBrain, Inc., the group had already become known as one of the first companies to register, host, and create Internet Web Sites. BusyBrain was also one of the first companies to include actual marketing and business concepts to the fledging world of Internet Marketing.

Also in 1999, BusyBrain, Inc. became one of the first companies to offer Electronic Document services, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing and mailing costs by converting paper catalogs and manuals into PDF format.

Later that year, BusyBrain also began offering "Web Watch", a service to register sites with the hot Search Engines of the day: HotBot, Excite and AltaVista.


Today, BusyBrain, Inc. has grown from a single computer to a group of artists and coders all over the United States. From graphic artists in Florida to data entry personnel in California, from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Google Specialists in Pennsylvania to print artists in Georgia, BusyBrain's core is still FULL MARKETING SUPPORT.

BusyBrain's personnel come from some of the world's top corporations and organizations:

AT&T - NASA - NCR Corporation - State of Florida - US Government - University of Central Florida - United States Air Force - Walt Disney Corporation - Westinghouse

Current Team Members Include:

Tina Dougherty - Web Marketing Specialist & Admin
Mark Lymburner - Tech Manager / Network Specialist
Juliet Kamper - Graphics & Design Manager / Advanced Coding
Beth Reusch - Shopping Cart Data / Data Organization
Vanessa Martinez - Graphics Artist & Production Coding
Brian Blevins - Production Coding
Joe Pinkus - Production Coding


BusyBrain, Inc. is a Federally recognized Minority (woman) owned business. We are legally incorporated both Federally and as a fully registered and compliant corporation in the state of Florida.

We handle your company proprietary information in the most strict confidence and will not buy, sell or trade customer information. Any information provided to BusyBrain, Inc. regarding your company will not be divulged without court order or subpoena.