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Selling Digital Downloads


Do you need to sell digital items on-line? Until recently, only tangible products could be sold via on-line shopping cart systems.....but with BusyBrain's new Digital Download Service, you can offer digital products for sale on-line, collect payment and then offer your customer the ability to immediately download their purchased items!

BusyBrain's Digital Download Service Includes:

  • Unlimited Number of Products. Sell more. Earn more.
  • Secure File Storage
  • Automated File Delivery
  • Product Import via Spreadsheet
  • Detailed Tracking and Sales Statistics
  • Google AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • Affiliate Builder System (Affiliate System)
  • Product Key Delivery and Registration System
  • Transaction Log Export
  • Support for six currencies: US Dollars ($), Canadian Dollars ($), the Euro (), British Pound Sterling (), Australian Dollars ($) and Japanese Yen () and for 45 countries.
  • PayPal Micropayment Support
  • Google Checkout payment system

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