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Electronic Documents


Are you tired of paying for printing and mailing paper catalogs? Have you begun to care more about "going green" since your materials were printed to paper? When a customer requests a catalog, do you shutter at the cost of the printing and then the mailing? Are you disgusted at losing orders because a competitor got a catalog to them before you did? Then let BusyBrain help you to:

Save Money - Don't pay for printing and mailing.

Why pay a printer for catalogs that won't be distributed in person? If you send ANY documents via paper mail, they can be turned into electronic documents and emailed. Whether to a potential client, a current customer, or even your company personnel, you're spending money on printing and mailing that you don't have to spend!

Save Time - Get your electronic materials to a customer while they're waiting to hear from your competitors.

When a customer asks for information, do you gather your catalogs or cut-sheets, then put them into an envelope, mail them out, then wait for the customer to receive them? Why not just email the materials DURING the phone call that the customer requested them?

Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars printing their catalogs and then mailing them to potential clients.

With electronic documents, you can send your potential customer a catalog via email WHILE you're still on the same phone call! Walk them through the items under discussion without having to wait for days while a catalog is mailed to them!

With electronic O&M Manuals, you no longer have to pay a printer or tie up the clerical staff's time to print ordered manuals for customers. Instead, you can keep a complete library of O&M Manuals on PC, Server, or CD. Simply email the O&M Manual upon request and customers will be astounded and impressed by your efficiency!

We don't just scan your paper to PDF!

Many companies will tell you about "Electronic Documents", but all they do is run your paper items through a scanner. This gives you huge files, fuzzy text and incomprehensible graphics. And of course, you can't add highlights, bookmarks, indexes or links when this process is used!


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