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With BusyBrain, you and your company can save time AND money over other hosting services!   WE handle all the tedious "sign in and make changes" that other companies require you to do....wasting valuable time looking up passwords to sign into systems to assign passwords.  That's crazy!

With BusyBrain, you call or email, and tell us WHAT you want done....a new email, change of password, an autoresponder, etc.  Are you the boss and want to get copies of your personnel's email?  Just let us know!  You don't have to say "Mother May I?" to an IT guy anymore!

  • Unlimited File Size of Web site - Offer as many photos or PDFs as you want!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Number of Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Number of Email Forwards
  • Unlimited Number of Autoresponder Emails
  • Ability to set your own Autoresponders or have us do it for you
  • Full 1 Gigabyte of email storage space
  • Additional email storage available
  • "No Hands" Updates & Edits - We do the work for you!
  • Change your server password yourself or have us do it for you
  • On-Line Client AND Server Side Traffic Tracking
  • SpamAssassin™ Spam-Blocker - The Most Aggressive Spam Blocking
  • WebMail - Access your email from your Home Page
  • Support for PHP, ASP, CGI and More!
  • Easy To Use Control Panel if you prefer to do your own maintenance
  • Registration and Set-Up of Domain Name
  • An hour of Tech Support the first month incase you don't have an "IT guy".
  • FREE domain name renewal with monthly auto-pay!

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