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Why Mobile Sites?

According to NetMarketShare, the mobile browsing share now exceeds 10% for the first time. The steady growth of mobile browsing can only be expected to continue with the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets that are increasingly used to browse the web. Failing to make your website accomodate these users is quickly becoming significant, especially with the increasing use of technologies like QR codes, that can send smart phone users to your website. Websites not optimized for mobile can frustrate users with extensive scrolling, difficult navigation, and slow loading times. This can drive away potential customers and cause you to lose sales.

What is a Mobile Site?

Mobile sites are optimized for various smaller screen resolutions used by smart phones and tablets. They allow people who browse the web with these devices to easily view and browse the site. A web site that has not been optimized for mobile users can be extremely difficult to view and navigate. At BusyBrain, we can employ the latest techniques to ensure a smooth visit for those using mobile browsers. Mobile sites can include forms, ecommerce, scripts, and videos. With a mobile site, you can also take advantage of smartphone features with phone numbers, email addresses, maps, and other features that the mobile user can tap to automatically activate.

Two primary methods exists for optimizing a web site for mobile users. The first involves creating unique webpages for mobile browsers that are coded to load only when someone using a mobile device visits your site. They are designed and coded specifically for mobile browsers, and are independent of the the regular site. You can choose to create a mobile version of all the pages of your site, or only the pages or information you want to be accessible to mobile users. The second method employs responsive design and coding to make all the pages on your site display adequately to both mobile and non-mobile users. We can work with your specific needs and budget and provide the best mobile site solution for you.

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