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SEO For Your Website

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of coding your website and including content that will cause your site to have high ranking search engine results. At BusyBrain, we will code your site to be the most visible it can be to search engines. We stay on top of the current search engine best practices and constantly update or techniques to keep your website on top.

SEO How To

Take a look at what we do to optimize your site for search engines:

  • Code your site from top to bottom to be search engine friendly
  • We never use technologies that make your site hard for search engines to access, even when it means more work for us
  • Constantly monitor Google, Ask, Bing, etc. for the current search engine best practices and update your site when they change
  • NEVER uses tag stuffing or outdated keyword spamming that will actually penalize your site
  • Ensure the proper meta tags, such as description and title, are included and have the proper content
  • If needed, we will provide copy writing so your site will have information for search engines to index
  • Create site map files and Google site map code for search engines
  • Include descriptive tags for images that search engines can read
  • Set up and install Google analytics and web master tools to optimize your Google rank and analyze your web site's traffic
  • Check your site text and code for errors that might affect your ranking




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