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BusyBrain, Inc. Terms & Conditions

  1. For new sites and re-codes of existing sites, BusyBrain will work with Customer to determine number of pages to be included in the final site.  Once page count is determined, BusyBrain will supply an invoice noting number of pages to be coded, cost per page, and total amount due.   A down payment of 50% is required for work to begin.   Final payment is due upon completion, for no fewer than 95% of pages noted in originally planned scope.

  2. All changes to page count, as well as decision to take new site live, must be submitted via email or fax by authorized contact at Customer location.

  3. During production, all work will be done on proofing servers so currently live site is not impacted.  Customer will be provided with a link to work in progress so they can monitor, review, and request edits while site is in production.

  4. BusyBrain reserves the right to refuse to add text or photos if items are pornographic or illegal in nature.    Any request to add a pornographic or illegal item to a site in progress will trigger a review of the site and of Customer, and may cause work to cease or be abandoned.

  5. Work not completed within 120 days due to BusyBrain not receiving materials or feedback from Customer will cause the project to be suspended.  BusyBrain may cancel the order after 120 days and retain down payment if Customer is no longer in business, if promised materials are not received, if no feedback is received from Customer, or upon mutual agreement between Customer and BusyBrain.

  6. Any work which is ordered, but which is cancelled after production has begun, will be billed according to percentage of work completed at time of cancellation.

  7. Instructions from Customer to BusyBrain must be in English.  BusyBrain requires a Customer contact who can speak and write English, whether English is their primary language or not.  Customers may experience delay if BusyBrain can't communicate with the designated contact at Customer location.

  8. Non-English text may be added to site.  However, BusyBrain takes no responsibility or liability for non-English verbiage, including photo captions.

  9. Upon final approval and payment, ownership of work is transferred from BusyBrain to Customer. This includes rights to all design elements and graphics, all code and edited photos, text from site, search engine settings, etc.  Customer may request a full copy of the new web site up to 120 days after site is loaded live. Copy of site to be made available via download, disk or drive, depending on size of site files.

  10. Upon final approval and payment, site can be loaded live.

    a.   If BusyBrain is to host the site, BusyBrain will add Google Analytics tracking to each page, perform final QCC testing of all forms, add WebMail link, and register site with top search engines (currently Google, Yahoo, Bing!, AOL and Lycos).

    b.  If BusyBrain is not to host site, files will be provided to Customer for loading to whatever hosting service they choose. BusyBrain will not load site to a non-BusyBrain server.

  11. BusyBrain provides thirty (30) days of free edits after site is loaded live. These edits are not intended to provide for a re‐design of the site, but to fix any typos found or other minor corrections.

  12. Orders for $10,000 or more have extended payment options available. Please contact BusyBrain to discuss payment terms and customized billing for Purchase Orders of $10,000 or more.

  13. BusyBrain accepts checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. Orders over $10,000 may also use American Express (AMEX) for payment.