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BusyBrain provides a TEAM of people to work on your web site. From the Graphics Designers to the Marketing Guru to the Coders to the Spelling & Grammar Checker, you're not alone nor counting on just one person to create your global on-line presence.

All BusyBrain Web Sites Include:

For Humans:

  • Attractive and inviting to the eye.
  • Designed with a look and feel consistent with your industry or customer base.
  • Complete navigation on every page - the ability to go TO any page FROM any page.
  • As much text as is provided or contracted to write.
  • All photos PhotoShopped for optimal viewing.
  • Set size for consistency across monitor type and resolution.
  • Title Tag on every page for bookmark verbiage.
  • Site Map Page.
  • Interactive Contact Page with “Thank You” page shown on submittal of info.
  • Phone Number and Email Address on every page for those who print pages.
  • Current copyright date.
  • All photo, PDF and non-site links open in new window.

For Search Engines:

  • Title Tag on every page.
  • Header Tag on every page.
  • Meta Tags on every page.
  • Alt Tag on every photo.
  • Photos named as “widget.jpg” rather than “image1.jpg”, etc.
  • Site Map in both HTML and XML.
  • ROBOTS.TXT file.
  • Offer of other domain extensions for increased traffic from forwarding (.co.uk, etc.)
  • Registration with Google, MSN, AOL and Yahoo upon live load of site.
  • Consultation on domain name key words and potential for forwards.
  • Review of text provided and re-write for target customer base if necessary.
  • CSS hover and link code (minimum) with other CSS as needed.
  • Review of site on both PC and Mac and on at least 6 browsers.

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At BusyBrain, we can answer the 10 questions above, and any others you throw at us. View our work, check out our Portfolio, and Contact Us today to find out how we can assist you with a web site or electronic marketing to meet your needs.